Sunday, September 14, 2014

Groupon Fake Xiaomi Powerbank

Unlucky me. I bought a FAKE Powerbank from Groupon. The Seller insist that it is original product. But I am confident that it is a FAKE!

I blogged it here...

Friday, January 3, 2014

UP-Ayala TechnoHub

Have you seen the Royal Crescent in the city of Bath in England? It was built by John Wood the younger between 1767 and 1774. It was one of the best preserved old sites in UK. I am lucky to have seen it :-).

So, what it got to do with UP-Ayala TechnoHub? I would say the design look the same as Royal Crescent. It was designed as half-circle with the exceptions of having fountains and a concrete center instead of green. This place has restaurants to fill up your hungry stomach and coffee shops to make you awake during "constant bombardment of unnecessary stressful situations" - i.e. assignments, work related issues, personal issues, etc. 

The place has elongated pond full of colorful fish and African tilapia (I think they are for the Boys). With a family of Ducks to fertilise the regularly cut carabao grass - the place is really short of relaxing. You can sit outside of the coffee shops (of course, as courtesy - buy your favorite Frappuccino or latte). Air is not as polluted like what you would inhale in Central Business District (Makati). Lots of trees and plants to filter out those toxic fumes. Kids have a lot of estate to play and run with their itchy little feet, play with their favorite battery powered cars and little bikes - they will surely have a good night sleep after spending their "bottomless" energy. There are also companies here like IBM, PointWest and other IT companies - you'll see some Yuppies here too.

The place is a few hundred meters from Templo Central, you may want to visit the place after worship service. 

To give you a better idea of what you will find here, I listed some of establishments you may want to visit:

1. BPI - You are still in good hands, don't worry.
2. ChinaBank
3. Globe - I hate this branch - not just me, ask around. So, if you want to visit this branch, come early or not at all. 
4. Switch - If you're a fan of Apple. Price is a bit expensive compare to other re-seller.
5. Coffee Bean (CBT) - Go here if Starbucks if full (only if Starbucks if full).
6. Starbucks - We are here Saturdays and Sundays. The place I love to hate.
7. Rals - Tambayan - you know those cheers and yabangan.
8. Spaghetti House
9. Red Kimono
10. Razon's - Who will not like their halo-halo and tocilog?
11. Le Ching tea house
12. Kanin Club - Pinoy na Pinoy men!
13. Amici - Expensive ice cream
14. Pizza Hut
15. KFC
16. Reyes Barbeque
17. Mister Kabab - Persia is the best (I meant the one in Valero Makati).
18. Yellow Cab
19. Bon Chon - Love those spicy chicken wings.
20. Army Navy - Do they have taco Tuesday?
21. Family Mart - Very new to the place - Japanese store partnered with Ayala (watch out Mini Stop and 7 Eleven).
22. Mini Stop - Kung hindi nagtitipid - hindi kasi mini ang price.
23. Bench Fix
24. CDR King - All those cute China made products.
25. Cafe Breton - You should taste those yummy crepes!
26. Sea Food
27. Vanilla Cup Cake - opening soon...


Pond with Fish
...and a lonely Duck

More Fountains