Friday, August 14, 2015

Windows 10 Upgrade

I upgraded my Acer laptop last night to Windows 10 from Windows 7. The upgrade was a breeze. No hiccups. It took around 3 weeks before I was able to download or before my laptop automatically downloaded the OS. It took about 12 hours to download 2.7 gb-ish of installer in 2mbps Sky broadband - but I am a patient man. 

After downloading, you will be asked if you want to install it. As a reminder, you should have a backup of your old laptop, specially its drivers as Windows 10 might mess up your device drivers. In my laptop, the upgrade removed my speaker's driver - fortunately I backed up all the device drivers so I was able to still made it blast. The sound is more pronounced now - I can clearly hear the voice and the background more clearly in its Dolby speakers. Sorround sound is awesome although the loudness is a bit frustrating. I'm not expecting though, as the speaker has only just a few watts of power. But it's way better that my Mac Book Air speaker.

Performance really is really good in Windows 10. Shutdown and start up is fast. It still look like Windows 7 but with a footprint of Windows 8. For Windows 7 users, it is like learning Windows 8. Bu for Windows 8 users - you might find it comfortable to use as it has big footprint of version 8.

I haven't test most of my applications though. Maybe I'll will try to run some Java and Application Server and see if it really fly in terms of performance. 

I encourage that you try the latest Windows version - you might learn to love it.

Monday, August 10, 2015

MRT Experience

I am one of the regular MRT commuter - an almost angry one :-).

I live in Quezon City, so instead of bringing my car to Makati where I work, I decided to park in Trinoma to save on fuel and avoid driving through traffic in Edsa or C5. Trinoma parking for the whole day is just 50 pesos way beyond 250 pesos that I will be paying if I parked in our office building! Big savings that I can use to buy something that I want. The only challenge is to keep being sane when riding the MRT. 10.30 am and you will still fighting your way to go inside one of poorly air-conditioned coaches. Simply a nightmare to old, pregnant and other people with special needs. Not changes to MRT except additional fare last year.

But I am becoming used to being harassed, swap sweat with my fellow passengers or trying to be alert to prevent being a victim of pickpockets. MRT is another world. It has cold and hot seasons - depends on the condition of the coach where you luckily or unluckily thrown or pushed by the people behind you. It sometimes rain even if it is not raining outside. And most disgusting is when you cross to Guadalupe bridge - that's where you know it is really another world. Try to ask regular passenger and you'll know.

I hope DOT will try to make riding MRT a pleasant one. Maybe they should try to work more on improving the MRT. I believed it can be done. Just a little more push to the people responsible and for the public not to stop complaining.