Monday, September 29, 2014

Smart Manny

First, the slow internet. Then, FREE 30mb internet access from MVP. Why 30mb? Is it because internet is so slow that it will take 30% additional patience to wait for internet to serve a request? Is 30 because that what Smart, TNT and SUN subscriber's happiness worth? Is it 30mb because it will not be enough and subscribers will tend to pay for extended access? I can guess and guess, but 30mb is a good deal (at least for me). But I would love to know why it's 30?

Maybe 30mb can give you couple of emails, chats, some surfing and maybe upload some photos to a cloud drive. It is better than nothing. Having to have free internet access for 2 months is a kind of blessing to others. But why 2 months? What MVP will gain from this promo? Maybe this is just an experiment. They want to see if their subscribers will continue using internet even after the promo. 

How about Globe - will Ayala follow the lead? Will it be 30mb+? or better, up the limit to 2gb per day for post paid subscribers. Who knows? Maybe a little prodding will help.

Oh, MVP's company (no it's not his) own almost all of the important infrastructure of our country, like hospitals, tool roads, media, mining, telecoms, etc. If you take down the company our country will crumble. That's sad.

Globe Cloud Drive

I don't understand why Globe will offer 15 pesos per month for 1gb cloud storage? 1gb is almost nothing. 1gb is way less than what Google, Dropbox and Amazon offer for FREE. I am using Dropbox to backup my pictures. Picture I've taken from my mobile phones is automatically uploaded. I set it to upload only over WIFI to preserve my 1gb per day mobile data traffic. I am using it for 2 years now and very satisfied.

I also have 15gb Amazon cloud drive and 15gb Google drive - all FREE! I have a CloudGoo application to monitor my usage. So, I would know how much percentage I already used for each of my drives. 

Maybe Globe can offer 5gb as free instead of 1gb for 15 pesos/month. Their customer will not bite it - not possible. They need a good marketing strategy to lure them to use their cloud drive instead of those that offer bigger space and proven platform.

Or maybe it's time for them to pay back what they overcharged to their subscribers - or better make text message 50 cents instead of 1 peso :).